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Garrett, who is owned by Honeywell, is an Original Equipment supplier to many of the vehicle manufacturers.Garrett started in the turbo business from humble beginnings way back in 1936 to become one of the major players in this field, serving the likes of Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Ford International Truck Co, Saab and VW.

To underscore its status Garrett recently confirmed that is produces over 30,000 turbos every day!

As part of Garrett’s durability procedure for new turbochargers, each item must endure a 500 hour ‘Gas Stand’ test – this is a very stringent product examination to ensure that each turbo they produce is more than fit for purpose when it comes to performing in the real-world!

For additional peace of mind, each Garrett turbocharger comes with the benefit of a 1 Year ‘Unlimited Mileage’ Warranty.